Cynoprobe Cyanide Measurement

Fast online measurement of free and WAD cyanide

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Cynoprobe Cyanide Measurement 

The Cynoprobe provides high frequency measurement of both free and weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide in up to three streams.

Minimal Interferences

Not impacted by interferences from copper, thiosulphates, salinity, and others.


Measurement Time

Quick measurement time: 3-6 minutes.

Free CN Analysis

Silver nitrate is not required for Free CN analysis.

WAD CN Analysis

No picric acid for WAD CN analysis.

Reduce Excess Cyanide Addition

Cyanide reagent costs form a significant part of a gold plant’s operating budget – the Cynoprobe’s measurement can be incorporated into a control scheme in an effort to reduce excess cyanide addition.

More Features

The Cynoprobe uses an amperometric technique to accurately and reliably measure the cyanide concentration in a pulp medium. The Cynoprobe’s fast and reliable measurements allow for rapid detection of changes in cyanide concentration.

Measures wide range of cyanide concentrations (0.5 – 3000 ppm)


Automatic calibration cleaning cycles

Measures the PH of the filtrate

Requires minimal maintenance

Measurement Frequency

The measurement frequency of the Cynoprobe facilitates tight cyanide control, less overdosing and reduction in cyanide consumption. Tighter control of cyanide concentration makes it possible to reduce the normal cyanide operating set-point without compromising gold recovery. As a result cyanide reagent costs have shown reductions of up to 20% and less cyanide is discharged into the tailings stream which is important from an environmental perspective.

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